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I can't recall when I wrote this, so don't ask, but it was late at night a few weeks ago.

You wanted a life of glamour,full of amor,
Looking for love the wrong way,
and you know You won't be happy at the end of the day.
You're looking for love in the wrong place,
so don't Make me rub it in your face.
Don't you realize how wrong you started off;
 all there's Left for us to do is scoff
And I don't wanna follow in your footsteps.
Your legacy dies with you,
I won't let This cycle begin anew,
and my father says I act just like you,
but we all know how it's so untrue.
Yeah, I'm your outcast daughter
and they're My foreign brothers.
You're just a disowned Mother,
yet we're too busy pointing blame
To try to love one another.
She's my sister, but I don't miss her
I'm just the outcast family member.
Some day when you grow old,
 you'll realizeYou never told me that you're proud,
 cos I'm just a face among the crowd to you.
You wouldn't recognize me now.
 Tell me Who I am; do you know?
 Did you find out In a tv show
 they interviewed me in?
If you ever played the game
 of being Someone's parent,
 did you ever realize you'd Never win?
 I found all that support you never Lent,
it was all in a bunch of strangers,
Cos I'm just your outcast daughter.